Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"I'll Take Manhattan" Mixology Monday Wrap Up

Check out the roundup here, and thanks again to cocktail virgin slut for hosting this challenge and to all of you who checked out my page! I'm really excited to try out these new recipes!

It's a huge rush to see something I made get shared with such a large audience, and it's really inspired me to keep going. Like I said before, I've been tossing around the idea of doing this for a while, but I was too hesitant to put myself out there, and too insecure in my writing to ever feel comfortable publishing anything I wrote. Having a clear goal, and a way to really participate with a larger community that enjoys the same things I do, really pushed me through that initial lack of inertia and helped me see the joy in actually blogging about cocktails instead of just drinking (too many of) them.

I really look forward to posting more of my favorite cocktails and creations now, and I'm really excited to learn more recipes and cocktail history from all the people in the cocktail blogging community.

Thanks again!


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