Friday, June 5, 2015

Negroni Week; Cachaca Negroni

Hi all,

This is my take on the Negroni for Negroni week. It substitutes Cachaca for Gin, giving the drink a smoky spicy flavor. I recommend Punt e Mes for the vermouth, it matches the Cachaca much better.

I toyed around with calling it Chaucer's Wife, but then I didn't (it's not a great name).

Cachaca Negroni
- 1.25 oz. Cachaca (I used 61, but see here for my thoughts on Cachaca and feel free to add sugar)
- 1 oz. Punt e Mes
- 1 oz. Campari
Stir and pour over ice in a rocks glass.

Hope you like it!

Vlad N.

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